The Wine Lounge

The Estate Makati’s Wine Lounge comes with its own refrigerated wine storage area to serve your wine at the ideal temperature. The plush furniture in the lounge area makes it a great place to entertain guests or sit down, take in the view, and savor every sip.

The Sky Garden

Take in the fresh air and sunlight at the 25th floor Sky Garden. Pocket lounges are strategically placed in the area, letting you share the soothing breeze and grand view with company or enjoy it all by yourself.

The Pool

Surrounded by greenery that forms a natural respite from the city, the pool area makes for a refreshing in-city escape whether you’re with company or by yourself. Nearby, a party room with retractable partitions can be used for intimate functions or poolside gatherings.

amenities Meticulously Crafted for Its residents
The Welcome

The Driveway is inspired by the foliage on the limestone cliffs of Palawan, with various native trees and floral accents. The Drop-Off itself is raised one story above str eet level, hidden from street view by trees to provide a sense of exclusivity and privacy to residents. The Arrival Lounge uses various stones and metals for the finishes inside that blend with the lush greenery outside, creating a wonderfully aesthetic combination.

The Pavilion Lounge

The Pavilion Lounge offers a comfortable relaxation space that continues to showcase the harmony of natural elements. Inside, white marble floors, gray stone walls, and custom-built leather and fabric furniture contrast with greenery right outside the glass walls. The Pavilion Lounge makes a fine place to enjoy drinks with guests, catch up on reading, conduct private meetings, or meditate by the adjacent koi pond.

The Atrium Lounge

The Atrium Lounge lies at the heart of The Estate Makati. The skylight above brings in natural illumination, creating a peaceful and cozy spot ideal for residents and their guests to enjoy each other’s company through lighthearted conversations or to hold private but casual meetings.

The Piano Lounge

The Piano Lounge is a prime location for quiet conversation or personal relaxation at any time of the day. Music played on the grand piano is sure to suffuse the air and instill a sense of calm that echoes throughout the hallways.

The Fitness Centre

You can find our fully-equipped gym right above the pool area containing all the workout essentials, private treatment rooms, and a massage room, allowing you to work on your health and fitness at your leisure.

The Business Centre

If you’re looking for a change of scenery when it comes to your working environment, the Business Center makes for a fine choice. Conducive to productivity for both personal and group projects, the conference room area has a table that can be separated and wall partitions that can be moved to create smaller or bigger setups for meetings as needed.

Treatment Room

The Treatment Room is meant for private, wellness-related sessions. Here, you can bring in your personal masseuse or physical therapist or request a fitness professional from the front of the house for your needs.

Yoga Room

Find balance through mentally and physically stimulating workouts at the Yoga Room. This wide, open studio makes use of its bright and airy qualities, as well as the natural lighting and silence, to create a relaxing, peaceful atmosphere ideal for yoga and other forms of exercise.

The Sky Garden

On the 25th floor of the Estate Makati which guarantees exclusivity while being around nature. Furnished with pocket lounges, the movable furniture can be interlocked and locked for big or small groups. With scarcity of ubran green spaces,, having a garden within your community is a luxury in itself.

The Wine Lounge

Add a touch of luxury to downtime, and blur the lines between nights in and out. The wine lounge complete with its own regrigerated wine storage offers additional storage offers an additional space for entertaining an addtion to your private abode

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