Data Policy

We at ST 6747 Resources Corporation (“The Company”) affirm, recognize, and acknowledge the need and urgency to treat the security and privacy of your personal information with the highest regard at all times. Keeping this in mind, we prepared and developed this Data Privacy Policy in order to let you know how we collect, store, use, and process your personal information as well as to assist and guide you to make informed decisions.

I. Why do we ask for your information?

Collecting certain information allows us to communicate and convey our real estate project as well as our activities related to these in the most enlightening, interactive, productive, efficient, and beneficial to our community. By having a better understanding of your needs, choices, and interests, we are able to improve, enhance, and streamline our products and services keeping in mind your lifestyle preferences or office specifications as may be applicable.

We also gather your information to:

  1. Provide the information you require about our real estate projects as a buyer, seller, lessor, lessee, business development partner, or supplier;
  2. Provide you with products and services that you have requested, including customer care activities for unit owners and upcoming units;
  3. Communicate relevant advisories, notices, and information about our services, project, and products;
  4. Send commercial and promotional advertisements, customer rewards, surveys, customer care and aftersale communications, and other email marketing or mobile device marketing push messages; and
  5. Engage in other procedures and processes such as information sharing as may be necessary to perform our contractual obligations and commitments to you and such other purposes inherent and vital to the orderly conduct of our business, and as mandated by law.

II. How do we acquire your information?

You authorize and permit us to gain access to your information when you voluntarily supply us with the requested details the moment that you:

  1. Visit our Official Website;
  2. Send us email messages, whether to our employees, sales ambassadors, subsidiaries, business partners, affiliates, professional consultants, contractors, and third party service providers on any matters, inquiries, concerns, issues, and transactions you may have with us;
  3. Fill out our forms via our online platform.

III. What kind of information do we collect?

We may receive your information pertaining to your identification such as:

  1. Your name and address;
  2. Your email address, telephone and/or mobile phone number, and fax number;
  3. Other information needed for the operation of our business and as may be required under public policy.

We promise to keep all the information you share confidential. To improve the customer experience, this website/page stores cookies* but not personally identifiable information which are not shared to third-party entities.

*What are cookies?
A cookie is a small file and holds a certain amount of data, which our website can send to your browser. It may then be stored on your computer’s hard drive and can be accessed by our web server. This cookie data can then be retrieved and can allow us to customize our web pages and services accordingly. It’s important to clarify that cookies do not collect any personal data stored on your hard drive or computer. To find out more about cookies, visit

IV. When do you give your consent?

When you provide us with voluntary information upon partaking in our online activities under Paragraph II, Items (a) to (c), you automatically give us your express consent to collect, use, access, transfer, store, and process your data as may be reasonable and practicable depending on our business expediencies, and as sanctioned under the Data Privacy Act of 2012, its Implementing Rules and Regulations, and other laws governing the controlling and processing of personal information.
If you do not agree to give us your consent, please do not use this website.

V. How do we protect your information?

To adequately safeguard the availability, integrity, and confidentiality of your information against any accidental or unlawful destruction, alteration, disclosure, and any other unlawful processing, we have put several organizational, physical, and technical measures in place such as:

  1. Appointing a Data Protection Privacy Officer to ensure our compliance with applicable laws and regulations for the protection of data privacy and security;
  2. Treating your information with strict confidentiality when not intended for public disclosure;
  3. Limiting access of your information to authorized personnel only subject to exceptions as provided in Paragraph IX;
  4. Implementing preventive, corrective, and mitigating measures in an effort to stave off and combat any threat of information breach;
  5. Conducting audit and testing of our security protocols on a regular basis;
  6. Other similar and related measures designed to uphold and maintain the security and privacy of your information.

VI. Do we store and retain your information?

Any information voluntarily provided to and collected by us are stored and retained in our database for as long as there is a need for our services.
In keeping your information, we see to it that due regard is given to applicable laws, rules, regulations, and policies on data privacy.
Should you no longer wish for us to have any remaining information about you, please feel free to contact our Data Privacy Officer as supplied in Paragraph X and send your request for removal.

VII. Do we share and disclose your information?

As Company policy, we do not share, disclose, spread, advertise, transfer, sell, rent, barter, exchange, or trade your information to individuals and entities other than our own employees and officers.
However, we may extend such disclosure to our mother company, subsidiaries, business partners, affiliates, professional consultants, contractors, and third party service providers when necessary to do so in the ordinary course of our business.
We are also inclined to divulge your information when compelled to do so by government authorities or through legal imposition.

VIII. Can you take a look on our files about you?

You may access our records for any information regarding yourself that is made available to us by making a request to our designated contact person as follows:

Data Privacy Compliance Officer
Telephone Number: +632 883-6888 loc. 5397
If you believe upon inspection that the information supplied to us is defective, false, misleading, or obsolete, please do not hesitate to call the attention of the above official to make the proper correction or amendment.

IX. Does our data privacy policy apply to information requested offline?

Our Data Privacy Policy as published in this website APPLIES ONLY TO INFORMATION RECEIVED ONLINE and does not cover those obtained or will be obtained offline.

X. When did our data privacy policy become effective?

Our Data Privacy Policy has become effective and operational as of November 16, 2017. Should you come across our recognized websites on or after November 16, 2017, you hereby bound and subject yourself to our Data Privacy Policy.

XI. Is our data privacy policy subject to modification?

We reserve the right to revise our Data Privacy Policy any time.
We shall inform you of any changes that we made by posting the amended version on our website.
We highly suggest that you visit our web page from time to time to keep yourself apprised of any updates on our Data Privacy Policy.